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Take your practice to the next level with my one on one program


Get private guidance, personalised alignment & attentive support on your Yoga journey

I offer you guidance in


While yoga isn’t about becoming more flexible, having a good understanding of what flexibility is, and why it’s important, it can take your practice to another level.


Yoga has the ability to cut to the very core of who a person is, and to provide the discipline to develop the intuitive wisdom needed to live a creative and productive life. The person who takes the first step on the path is exactly where he or she needs to be to further this spiritual journey.


Yoga can make you strong! By starting doing the poses regularly you automatically tone your body. With poses like dolphin push-ups and half handstand, you can build and tone muscles throughout the body, and your mind will get a workout too.


Together we work towards adding a new dimension to your practice. Yoga is not about a specific asana or pose but believe me, once you know how to get upside down confidently you'll  feel like superman. It's so cool to see the world from a different angle! At least, if that's your cup of tea.

Now roll out your yoga mat and get ready to move, breath & transform. You’ll be amazed by what you can do.

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