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my name
is Sèlia

Living and teaching yoga

I discovered yoga back in 2015 and at the same time I discovered myself. Yoga made me curious.

'What are people talking about?' I asked myself.
I started practicing with basic yoga asana or postures.
Little did I know that yoga was more than asanas. 
I went to classes here and there, 
read books and watched documentaries about yoga (gurus).
My practice started to be consistant.
I later deepened my knowledge, which is imminent if you start growing and deepening yourself into yoga. ​


I changed my diet and went full on vegetarian (ahimsa), I became more disciplined about my daily routines and mindful about my thoughts and choices. I continued reading and expanding my knowledge. It all felt so natural. Something was pushing me towards that 'yogic' lifestyle, meaning that I applied the Limbs of yoga into my life.


- It all connects! -​


That's exactly what yoga means: 'to unite'. It's important to be mindful and present in class, but if this doesn't translate off the mat and connects into what we do in our day-to-day lives, we will never feel the real benefits of yoga.

Regularly practicing yoga has countless advantages, from increased focus to heightened flexibility. Have a look at the classes I teach throughout the week to see what fits your schedule and lifestyle.

Why practicing with me?


I've been practicing yoga since 2015 and teaching since 2019.
I teach with a deep passion for movement, alignment and overall yoga!
Exploring, pushing our limits & diving deep is something I really love.
Growth can only come when we're out of our comfort zone.

I want you to feel powerful and free! My goal is to transmit the art of 

Gain flexibility, strength, confidence, focus and trust through my classes

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Curious if yoga is something for you? Flow with me and let's find out if I'm the teacher for you.

Yoga on and off the mat

Yoga is more than just asana or postures, it's a way of life. Practicing yoga is living mindfully,
it's living in a state of abundance, observation, acceptance, ... .
Along the way I show you different yoga techinques and explain about pranayama, the importance of a karma free diet, compassion, meditation, reflection, ... .
The deeper we dive into yoga, the more it will all make sense. 


To share and show you the way through yoga.
Unifying the flexibility of the body, mind, energy and emotions. To shed your old skin and become the pure, authentic you.
I'm living my life with a passion (especially for teaching). We're not looking or searching for happiness or love. We already are the embodiment of happiness and love.
It's our natural state. Through yoga we return home, to that exact state of happiness.

We're just distracted and have been conditioned by society. This is why we do yoga, following a yogic lifestyle brings you back to the source, to who we really are. 

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