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The Yin-Bundle

'Each Yin pose is an opportunity to crawle into ourselves and stay a while' 

- Sarah Powers

For who is this bundle? 

For people who want to develop a relaxed, meditative practice or balance an intense exercise routine. The practice allows you to slow down, relax, and turn inward, which helps alleviate stress and restore your energy levels.

☼   For anyone looking to have a relaxing time and need to wind down

☼   For anyone looking to move their body but in a gentle way.

☼   It can help releave PMS or menstrual cramps

☼   Anyone who may have injuries or long-term health conditions

☼   After a sweaty workout or vigorous yoga session

☼   Anyone who likes slow and deep yoga

The videos in this bundle will help you ease and relax, as well as encourage deep breathing.

Yin yoga is a practice that offers an opportunity to sit, breath and still the mind. The focus of the class is on holding postures for a long period of time so your body gradually stretches into the shape you should be in. Yin yoga is the perfect complement to your regular yoga practice because it emphasizes calmness, relaxation and staying present by bringing awareness into each moment of your life. In the classes, we hold each sequence of seated postures for longer periods of time as you learn how to breath through any discomfort or pain that arises. This bundle is meant to help you connect with yourself and dive deep into your emotional processes.

Why yin yoga? 

This bundle comes with 6 classes

A mix of gentle, therapeutic practices designed to create space and ease in specific parts of the body while also calming the nervous system.

Class 1
Introduction class
26 min

Class 2
Happy Hips
29 min

Class 3
Heart flow
26 min

Class 4
Light Legs
25 min

Class 5
Neck & Shoulders
29 min

Class 6
Restorative Flow
30 min

What you'll need: A pillow or bolster, a blanket and a smile.
After your purchase you can simply log into your account and watch the videos as many times as you like.