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Yin Bundle

The Yin Bundle

~ Relax with me at home ~

Looking for a way to unwind and feel more relaxed after a long day? 


The Yin Bundle is the perfect way to relax and wind down. This bundle comes with 6 videos that each target a specific area of the body: neck, shoulders, back & chest, hips, and legs. Each video lasts about 30 minutes, so you can choose which areas you want to focus on or do them all in one sitting. This is a great way to practice mindfulness or meditation aswell as encourage deep breathing.

You'll be able to use these videos over and over again—they're great for anyone who wants to take some time for themselves.

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If you can't make it to one of my group classes or you're away and don't want to fall out of your routine you can find more fows on YouTube! I offer a wide variety of short-flow practices that cater to different skill, levels and preferences. 

Prenatal Yoga


For years, I have served as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. 

I founded Surya Yoga with a mission to give others a taste of what yoga is, and I have been at it ever since. 


Through asanas we explore our mental attitudes and strengthen our will as we learn to release and move into the state of grace that comes from creating balance between our material and spiritual world.

What you can expect

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My goal is to help you feel your best! I want you to feel at peace, confident  & strong!

I offer the tools & yogic knowledge to achieve your personal goals and deepen your own yoga practice.

There are no shortcuts or magic tricks. With the right techniques, practice and devotion you get growth and transformation.

I also create 1 on 1 programs specifically for the individual on what they want to focus on.
We practice together & dive deep into the aspects of their physical practice!

Through my classes, gain


Curious if yoga is something for you? Flow with me and let's find out if I'm the teacher for you.


Discover the class that suits you best

My class list includes a range of levels and techniques and are taught by myself. I offer you classes that are both dynamic and meditative, letting you move your body as well as still the mind.


Groupclass in yogastudio


Private class


Corporate yoga

Vinyasa group classes
Deepen your practice & knowledge with me at your own pace
Give your employees a boost of energy

Discount codes

I have partnered up with a few of my favorite brands and I can provide you a little extra discount on your next purchase


Kundalini Yoga Lotus

You can find me here for groupclasses

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